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Monday Inspiration

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A sister is a promise you’ll have a friend forever.


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My Weekend in Shoes

This weekend involved: buying new running shoes, breaking in my wedding shoes and baby shoes, which I just finished on Sunday (I’ll let you guess which ones are which).


Et voilĂ  (to put it with Marge’s words:”That’s French for ‘tadaah!'”, for those of you who didn’t know) – as promised before these are my wedding shoes:

Aren’t they awesome?! I did not want white shoes and it took me forever (and about 20 online orders) to find the perfect shoes with just the right size heel to wear all day. I am currently breaking them in so I wear them around the house combined with sweat pants or running shorts – this will become the new trend, trust me!

Who knew it can be that easy

“Begin at the beginning,(…) and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


…but it truly really is.

Aloha – I’m back

So I am back – actually have been for one and a half weeks now. And after wearing a top, shorts and flip flops for three weeks every day, I am still kind of clueless when it comes to my fall wardrobe. So I’m in desperate need of inspiration stylewise. I think, my colleagues might even start getting confused due to my lack of weird wardrobe choices, as I have been wearing jeans, sweaters, and pumps for the last several days.

Things that are on my list for fall are:

Faux fur coat or gilet (or maybe both?!?)

Nude booties/boots

Mustard wool pencil skirt (as seen at J.Crew – unfortunately the one in Honululu only had the red)

Cable knit long cardigan

Classic grey cashmere sweater

and just added (inspired by Mimi): black skinny leather pants

Tomorrow will be the last day of jeans and sweaters – maybe I will pull out some of my colored tights. Yeah, I am crazy like that..

Monday wisdom

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Chocolate Milk

Obviously chocolate milk is a totally underestimated beverage. In my humble opinion chocolate milk belonged into the same category as soda and ice tea (speak: sugary, bad for you and in general completely unnecessary) and you only give it to small children to make them stop whining or fall asleep. As it turns out I was wrong. According to Runnersworld and WebMD chocolate milk is the best post-run snack out there. Surprisingly enough it is even better than protein shakes and other sports drinks when it comes to muscle recovery, building endurance and reducing fat (get the details here).


Well then, cheers!


Why adults should read children’s books

by Dallas Clayton

Back in the days…

…when there was still hope for a warm summer (AND our balcony flowers still looked kind of nice), these pictures were taken. And yes, I am aware of the fact that dresses that short might become critical when riding your bike to work – or at least now I know.













Cardigan: H&M

Dress: H&M (last year’s summer sale)

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Gabor

Summer food

The past two days it has been incredibly hot outside – all-the-time-sweaty-can’t-move-or-think-or-eat-kind of hot. Since at some point you have to eat, last night we came up with this fabulous meal: Hawaiian Watermelon Salad. Not only does it sound very summery, but it also is the perfect dinner for days like this: easy and quick to prepare, cool, and different (in a delicious way).

Until about four weeks ago I had never even thought about the possibility of making salad out of watermelon (that is, other than fruit salad), but then I read on Jordan’s blog about her Melon salad and only about four days later a co-worker told me about it. I asked her for the recipe, which contained tons of arugula (not  my favorite) – so I created my own version, which is basically a mixture of both recipes. You need:

1/2 water melon (cut in 1/2″ cubes, seeds removed)

150g crumbled feta

3 Tbsp. walnuts

3 Tbsp. chopped, black olives

1 hand full of coarsely chopped basil

2 medium tomatoes (sliced)

2 Tbsp. honey

2 Tbsp. olive oil

Mix everything together and season with salt and pepper as required (I never do). Serves 2 as a main dish.