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Although my soon-to-be-husband says I don’t – but then again: that’s his job. 😉

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10 Things I Learned Running


I started running about one and a half years ago. Ever since I started I have been running three to four times a week, the only exception being injuries and sickness. I currently run about 20 miles per week (which still counts as “bloody beginner” in the runners’ world) and honestly do not know how I went without. Besides the fact that I’ve built up quite some stamina and leg strength, there are a few other things I learned during the past months – about myself, my body, and life in general:

1.) Don’t quarrel – with things that are not within your power to change; this might be rain, gusty winds, cold, or a steep hill. Quarreling will shift your focus and deprive you of your strength – without changing anything. Rather focus on yourself and your goal. After all you will need to get home/to the finish line – may there be rain, wind or steep hills.

2.) Focus – on your body, the road, your breathing or the next step. It will make it easier to manage when the going gets tough.

3.) Be patient (HA, who would have thought I’d ever gain that wisdom!) – you will get to the finish line eventually and probably a lot easier if you relax and don’t overdo it. Running up that hill at full speed to get it over with is not going to get you very far after that.

4.) Not every day is the same – there are good days and bad days. Push yourself on the good ones, be easy on your body on the not so good ones. And always listen to your body.

5.) Start slow – take the first mile or so of every run to find out where you are heading and how you feel, whether it is a good or bad day (s. 4.) above). Starting too fast will leave you tired and exhausted, but no one is going to keep you from sprinting the last mile or so if you have enough strength left.

6.) Cross the bridge when you get there – whenever I increase the distance for my long runs it seems impossible at first, but I usually mentally break my runs up into 1-2 mile bits. You can worry about the next section when you get there – there is no point in thinking about that steep hill that is going to come when you are currently on an easy part of your run. Use that time to gather your strength – you’ll eventually need it.

7.) You are not competing – against anyone else than yourself, that is. There will always be someone that has more endurance, runs faster or more miles, but you do not know how hard they worked to get there. Run, so you can feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.

8.) Treat your body well – if you are in pain, there is a reason for it. Don’t push too hard; you only have that one body. Eat well, sleep, and most important: rest and give your body time to heal.

9.) Mind over matter – ever so often when running I think to myself: why am I doing this? No one makes me keep going, I could just stop – right here and now. And I never do. I just keep going.

and last, but above all:

10.) ENJOY! – this can be the cold, fresh air filling your lungs, the sunshine, the music on your iPod – or the peaceful quiet, the beautiful nature, or just the fact that your legs are carrying you this far.


Some might say, I am already addicted. I say, I just love running.