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A Pound for a Centimeter


Enough is enough, it has to be said: did you know that one centimeter of heel makes you instantly look one pound skinnier? This translates to 4.5 kg with the shoes I wore on Saturday. This, my friends, was the last bit of information I was missing in order to never ever justify again why I am wearing heels (and yes, I have to do that about three times a day on a regular office day – some people just don’t get it). So here is to heels and chocolate! Cheers and happy Monday!


Shirt: H&M

Cardigan: Esprit

Scarf: H&M

Skirt: J. Crew

Belt: Mexx (gifted)

Tights: Nur Die

Shoes: Unisa

Bag: Assima



Saturday Night Fever

Is it weird to spend 20 minutes painting your nails, even if you know that you most likely won’t leave the house for the next 36 hours other than to go for a run? I guess, the vast majority would answer “Uhm, yes!”, but I am sure M will very much appreciate the fact that my nails will be matching my grey sweatpants for our glamorous TV-date-night in (yes, we are crazy like that).


Oh – and I can highly recommend the Mavadry top coat from Mavala. The best ever, I swear: makes your nails dry within a minute and prevents chipping for several days. Obviously the Swiss do not only know how to make watches… and chocolate… oh, and cheese of course!

Better late than never


So here it is: the first outfit post in 2012 (at least it is still January). And this is me in the very famous, ancient (we are talking 800-year-old ancient, my ladies) Monastery of Maulbronn sporting my faux fur jacket I scored in the Mexx Mid-Season-Sale for less than a third of its original price. Did you know that parts of the movie “The name of the rose” with Sean Connery were shot here? Well, I didn’t.

On me:

Faux fur jacket: Mexx

Knit dress: United Colors of Benetton

Boots: ? (can’t read the tag inside anymore..)

Thermo tights: Tchibo ( I highly recommend you get a pair – they are really cozy)

Gloves: Roeckl

Lips: Rouge d’Armani No. 401

Bag: Loubs

Scarf: s.Oliver Selection (gifted)

Fall Shopping List

Remember my fall shopping list from my last post (which was ages ago, I admit)? – I actually got this, this, a brown fake fur jacket (on sale!) and black skinny jeans, that kind of look like leather. So as you might have figured, I was busy shopping and crossing items from my shopping list the past few weeks (well, not really, but that’s a better excuse than the lame: “I had tons of work to do!”). And the best part: each and every single one of them was either on sale or I got it with a coupon or gift certificate – now, who’s a bargain hunter?!


Outfit posts coming up (as soon as there is the chance to get some pictures in daylight).


On a somewhat unrelated note: I discovered the benefits of slips and dry shampoo, but more on that later…

Those Summer Nights

This past weekend was the perfect summer weekend. It started with a nice dinner and cocktails in town in celebration of M’s birthday on Friday night, followed by a hot, sunny day at the lake on Saturday. Saturday night we hopped onto our bikes and visited the Kurparkfest which ended with incredible fireworks. Sunday we took it easy with breakfast in bed, preparations for our Hawaii vacation that is coming up next week (YAY!), an exhausting (but satisfying) long run and reading on the couch. Seriously, does it get any better?!?


So Friday and Saturday night were both great opportunities to get all dressed up. I promise, you won’t see outfit pictures from Sunday, though… How was your weekend?

Dress: Mango

Cardigan: H&M

Bracelet: Jeweler on Isla de mujeres (from last year’s trip to Cancun)

Ice Cream for Lunch


That’s what we had on Sunday – there are definitely advantages to being a grown-up. I mean, there is a lot of annoying things as well, like doing your own laundry, cleaning not only your room, but a whole apartment, having to go grocery shopping, spending summer days in an office – well you get the idea. But let’s focus on the fun parts, one of which is having ice cream for lunch.


Tube top: H&M

Shorts: MEXX

Belt: C&A (? – about seven years ago, can’t remember)

Purse: Fossil (gifted)

Glasses: I am

Flip flops: Old Navy





Jeans Envy


I first saw the whole red-rolled-up-jeans-look over on Kendi’s blog – and the instant I saw it, dang, there it was: a very serious case of jeans envy. And from that day on the quest for red skinny jeans was on. I literally chased my best friend, her husband and M all over Stuttgart one Saturday in April just to realize: South Germany is not quite there yet when it comes to colored jeans. But as it always goes, once you can get it in the States just wait a couple of months and you’ll find it in Germany. TADAAAAH! I proudly present MY red skinny jeans:



Shirt: Esprit/my Mom’s closet

Jeans: Esprit

Ballerinas: Tamaris

Small messenger bag: Picard (gifted)

Bracelet: H&M

Glasses: Tommy Hilfiger


The 3″-Rule

My self-imposed never-more-than-3″-heels-in-the-office-rule went all out the window on Friday. I just couldn’t resist pairing the yellow suede wedges with my 1€-bargain-yellow belt. I am pretty sure no one noticed the matching colors, but two of my colleagues actually commented on the height of my heels (which make me about 6’4″). And for those of you who are raising an eyebrow on my inconsequence: it’s my rule so I can do with it whatever I want – that’s the part I like about self-set rules.


Shirt: GAP

Skirt: Marc o’Polo

Belt: H&M (for 1€ seriously!)

Necklace: Drachenfels (gifted)

Shoes: Aldo

Good Reads

I bought this book at the airport on my last business trip – mainly because I had a lot of time left until my flight and because it was labelled “New York Times Bestseller”. I didn’t get to read it until last week. That is, I started it on Sunday and made M order all other books by Emily Giffin on Amazon on Tuesday night, when I had only 20 pages left. I could not put it down – it is one of those books I’d bring everywhere just in case I’ll have two extra minutes to read. It is not like deep, meaningful, world-changing literature, but it is fun and entertaining to read – definitely a gals’ book, though, if you wouldn’t have already guessed so by the title and the cover (then again, if you are a guy reading my blog you might like it as well).

I am already almost through Giffin’s second book “Something blue” – equally enjoyable. So if you’d please excuse me, I’ve got some reading to get back to…

Shades of Brown

Those of you who have known me a little longer (like longer than ten minutes) will instantly agree that patience is none of my virtues. So it will surprise you to hear that I actually waited almost FOUR months for this silk blouse to go on sale. After checking the online shop frantically for months, I finally got it for less than 50% of its original price, which for German sale-standards is A LOT. I hate to admit it, but I guess for some – of course very rare – occasions having a little patience pays off. And don’t you dare quoting me on this!


On a totally unrelated note: I promise I’ll iron my skirt for you the next time I wear it for an outfit post.




Silk blouse: Esprit

Skirt: MEXX

Shoes: Tamaris