The Joy of Painting IV

Today we’re getting to the – at least for me – most exciting part of that whole make-up session: the eyes. To me, eye-make-up is the biggest variable and you can get nice effects by just changing the color of, let’s say your eyeliner, but also can completely mess it up, if it is not done properly. Badly applied eyeliner gives me shivers. For my day-to-day make-up, I stick to a more neutral color palette. I am talking light beige, brown, grey, rose – you get the idea.


The first surprise to me was: we are just going to use two colors. No fancy-shmancy eye-shadow quartet needed, just find a nice beige or eggshell color and some brown or grey. Depending on how dark you want your eye-make-up to be use a lighter nougat brown or silver grey or a darker golden brown or graphite. My personal favorites are Isadora or Artdeco, as they are reasonably priced and won’t set into the crease of your eye like most cheap brands. Pick colors with a light shimmer – no glitter just shimmer – and stay away from the dull colors unless you’re a pro (it is really hard to apply them properly, as they don’t blend that well). This is what I used:

Use the little sponge-thingy that comes with most eye shadows and apply the light color on the inner half of your upper lid. First dab the color on and then distribute it evenly by brushing lightly. Don’t go further than half way or two thirds out. Then use an eye shadow brush with longer bristles and apply the same color under your eye brow starting at the highest point (where you pulled up when shaping them) moving outwards.








Then use the brush with the short hair and apply the darker color in the crease of your eyelid, starting right above the outer corner of your eye. If you’d draw an imaginary line between the end of your eye brow and the outer corner of your eye, that’d be the line you do not want your eye shadow to go beyond. Also start dabbing it on and then brush inwards to distribute it. Use the biggest eye shadow brush to blend the darker color brushing upwards towards your eyebrows.








For eyeliner I used a kohl eyeliner in dark greyish-brown. Draw a fine line from the outer corner of your eye to only the middle of your eye, which becomes slightly wider in the corners.And now comes the trick: use the small brush you used for the dark eye shadow to blend and smudge it towards the inner corner of your eye. Use the exact same brush and lightly dab some dark eye shadow on that line, brushing outwards beyond the corner of your eye tendency moving upwards towards the end of your eye brow.








Do the same on the upper lid – I used black eyeliner instead of brown for the upper lid.








If you want to you can use beige eyeliner for the inner lower eye lid. This opens the eye and makes them sparkle (the next time you watch an interview with Heidi Klum look closely: she does it, too!).

Last, apply mascara and do not only brush up, but more outwards in the corner of your eyes – this will make them look more cat-like. And you’re done!











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