The Joy of Painting III

In this post we’re going to tackle eyebrows and blush – and be warned: this is going to be more like a photo story with badly lighted pictures I’ve taken myself. Have you ever tried juggling a camera, a brush and an eyebrow pencil and taking decent pictures of yourself at the same time? So apologize the weird, ever changing lighting.


What I forgot to mention in the last post, but what most of you probably already figured: you’ll need to apply powder over the foundation. Use whatever works for you: compact, loose, translucent, tinted. Put some of it on the SIDE of your powder brush (i.e. the biggest brush you own/can get) and dab it on – no brushing, just dabbing! Once again, you’ll need more on your forehead, nose and chin than on the sides of your face.


Then we’ll start on the eyebrows. As I mentioned in my first make-up post, I supposedly have a serious eyebrow issue going on. That’s probably because other than plucking them I never really paid attention to them, which usually leaves them as straight, slightly fussy lines. And trust me, combed, shaped eyebrows really make all the difference and make you look a lot more awake – especially if you do not have naturally beautifully curved eyebrows like Eva Mendez.

First, comb them downwards using a small brush. I use the brush from an old mascara, which I’ve cleaned. It’s cheap and works perfectly fine and you can replace it whenever you replace your mascara.

Then pull them up with one finger on the highest point (at about two thirds):

Use an eyebrow pencil (I use the lightest color brown you can get) and draw or rather stipple a fine line right ABOVE your eyebrow starting in the middle all the way to your finger leaving your eyebrow pulled up like shown above. Do the same for the last third of your eyebrow stippling a fine line ABOVE. If you want to you can also fill them in lightly. Then release your finger and comb the first two thirds of your eyebrow back up covering the line you drew using the brush.

Use eyebrow gel – or just spray some hairspray on your brush – for fixing them in place.


Now, the blush: use a light apricot tone for a fresh look. In addition, it looks good on all skin tones. Take some blush on your brush and make sure to shake it over the sink so the excess blush falls out. Start just below your cheekbones and brush along all the way to the apples of your cheeks (the highest point of your cheeks when you smile), where you brush in small circles.







Then move back all the way up to your temples and with whatever is left on the brush brush over the corners of your hairline. You want to leave a “light bridge” of 2-3cm between your nostrils and the blush and the outer corners of your eyes and the blush.







And that’s it!


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