The Joy of Painting

With our wedding coming up in June (crazy, I know!), I decided to splurge a little and had an appointment with a stylist from Munich the other day. At first I was contemplating getting my make-up done by a professional on the big day, but after realizing, that this will be a) harder than expected in rural Karlsruhe b) more expensive than my shoes (oh – I need to show them to you – they’re awesome!), I decided to at least looking into the option of doing it myself. As I want to look different – better, if you will – than my usual day make-up, but not like whoa-who-are-you-have-I-seen-you-before-like, I spent my lunch break last Wednesday with Ricardo, a make-up artist from Munich.


Besides some really neat and simple tricks that make your make-up last and look way more sophisticated, I also learned that Kate Middleton obviously also did her make-up herself on her wedding day last year (more about that later – let’s first focus on the make-up stuff). I am not saying, if she can do it… BUT whilst I thought this whole session would boil down to:”You need to buy this and this and this and look fabulous”, I learned that it not as much the products you use, but certain techniques that do the trick. Although, I knew the basics before from in depth studies of various magazines, it helps if someone actually shows it to you on your own face. And because I am nice like that, I decided to share these techniques with you here on my blog. Yes, I know, you can thank me later.


I’ll do it in a series of posts divided into short sections, each focusing on a different part of the face. So, let’s get started, shall we?!


The first thing I learned (besides¬†that – according to Ricardo – I have a serious eyebrow issue going on ) is: you need brushes, lots of them. Basically you need pretty much as many brushes as products you’ll use. So this is my brush-collection:


From top to bottom:

Powder brush ( DM)

Blush brush (DM)

Foundation brush (Douglas)

Eyeshadow brush big (DM)

Eyeshadow brush angled (DM)

Eyeshadow brush small, oval shaped (DM – I have it twice for darker and lighter colors)

Eyeshadow brush round, short hair (Da Vinci – Douglas)

Most of my brushes are from DM and just cost a couple of bucks. You can spent as much as 50 Euros on a brush made from marten hair, but in my opinion the low-cost solutions work just as fine. Most of them I already had, I just got a couple new ones. We’ll get to how and when to use them in the next post.

Oh, and as promised above: Ricardo works for Horst Kirchberger who was the personal make-up artist of Princess Diana. So that’s how he knew that Kate did her make-up herself on her wedding day – and because of the fact, that it supposedly wasn’t exactly perfect, but just ok (not that I noticed – I thought she looked rad).

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