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A Pound for a Centimeter


Enough is enough, it has to be said: did you know that one centimeter of heel makes you instantly look one pound skinnier? This translates to 4.5 kg with the shoes I wore on Saturday. This, my friends, was the last bit of information I was missing in order to never ever justify again why I am wearing heels (and yes, I have to do that about three times a day on a regular office day – some people just don’t get it). So here is to heels and chocolate! Cheers and happy Monday!


Shirt: H&M

Cardigan: Esprit

Scarf: H&M

Skirt: J. Crew

Belt: Mexx (gifted)

Tights: Nur Die

Shoes: Unisa

Bag: Assima



Saturday Night Fever

Is it weird to spend 20 minutes painting your nails, even if you know that you most likely won’t leave the house for the next 36 hours other than to go for a run? I guess, the vast majority would answer “Uhm, yes!”, but I am sure M will very much appreciate the fact that my nails will be matching my grey sweatpants for our glamorous TV-date-night in (yes, we are crazy like that).


Oh – and I can highly recommend the Mavadry top coat from Mavala. The best ever, I swear: makes your nails dry within a minute and prevents chipping for several days. Obviously the Swiss do not only know how to make watches… and chocolate… oh, and cheese of course!